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On August 2-4, 2013, Trinity Pentecostal Church Baie Verte held celebrations highlighting over 50 years of ministry.  The theme for the weekend was “A Celebration of God’s Faithfulness: Remembering the Past – Anticipating the Future.”

The weekend began with a meet and greet on Friday afternoon.  The Opening service was held on Friday night was the opening service with Greetings from the Mayor of the Town of Baie Verte, Gerry Burke, and Pastor Jeffrey White as guest speaker. Pastor White reminisced about his time growing up in the assembly, which was where he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and his call to the ministry. On Saturday morning there was a brunch where 130 people were served.  Former pastors, Robert Parsons and Lily Batstone brought greetings.   On Saturday afternoon, a Flower Service was held at the Cemetery with special speaker Pastor Rex Boone, who went into full-time ministry from the Baie Verte Assembly. Many family members and parishioners came to honor those who have gone before us. Also on Saturday, a gospel concert was held in the evening that featured many people from the Assembly, past and present.

On Sunday morning, former pastor Eugene Gillette brought greetings and special speaker, PAONL General Superintendent Pastor Calvin Andrews challenged the congregation in his message to remain faithful to the main planks of the Pentecostal message.  The near capacity crowd also shared in communion together. A special moment took place on Sunday morning, as two of the founding members who still hold membership in the assembly were honored with a bouquet of flowers: Ruby Andrews, who along with her late husband Chesley opened their home in 1959 for Pentecostal Services, and Grace Regular who served as the first Women’s Ministries Leader. Both Elizabeth (Betty) Rideout who served as the first Women’s Ministries assistant leader, and Gertrude Mitchell (95), who is the oldest member of the congregation, were also honored for their roles in the early days of the assembly, but were unable to be present at the service. In the closing Sunday evening service Pastor Robert Hann reminisced about conducting cottage meetings in Baie Verte in 1959 while he and His wife were pastoring in nearby Pacquet.  Baie Verte-Springdale MHA, Kevin Pollard was also in attendance and brought greetings on behalf of the Provincial Government. Former pastor Edwin White brought the message and the highlight of the weekend was when a man came forward to give his life to Christ. His wife had been converted 33 years earlier, also under the ministry of Pastor White, and had been praying for him ever since.  The weekend was a blessing to all who attended and the Pastoral staff and committee are to be commended for a successful weekend that will long be remembered.

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In the spring of 1956, the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland boat, the “Gospel Messenger” made its way into Baie Verte Harbour. She had also visited the community of Mingʼs Bight and it was known by the crew that a Mrs. Bessie Mae Mills (1896-1996) the wife of Arthur Mills the local Salvation Army Sergeant-Major and Corps Treasurer was “Mission”, the term given to those who were Pentecostal in those days. She was the only known Pentecostal in the community having been a native of Beachside her family joining the mission there. Knowing this information, the crew that consisted of Pastors G. Bruce Harnum (1926-1979), James Ellsworth, and George W. Roberts (1912-1987), tied up to the wharf and conducted an open air service, the first Pentecostal Service in the community. Pastor George Wesley Roberts preached the sermon on the wharf.

Fred & Virtue Decker, Bert & Daisy Rideout and Martha Green would meet together for prayer meetings, asking God to send someone to Baie Verte to preach the full gospel. While they were praying, God was beginning to answer their prayer thousands of miles away in the heart of a Bible College student.

While attending Eastern Pentecostal Bible College, Peterborough, Ontario (1956-1959), Pastor Graham Noble (1922- 2002) received a vision of a community that needed the full-gospel message, while praying. It was an unknown town to him but when he saw Baie Verte for the first time he immediately knew it was the town in his vision. Pastor Jean Noble remembers him receiving such a burden for the community that it had a deep spiBaie Verte 1st sunday schoolritual influence on his life. Pastors Graham & Jean Noble graduated from EPBC in May of 1959. They returned home and were engaged in evangelistic ministry. In the summer of 1959 acting upon the vision that God had given him, Pastor & Mrs. Noble along with Pastors George Ash (1917-2007), Bronson Williams (1929-2012), E. Raymond Pelley (1907-1976) and Charles Rowsell (1913-1970) conducted services in the local theater. As a result of these services there was a great interest for this new message.

Shortly after these services were conducted, Pastor A. Stanley Bursey (1906-1990), then serving as North Western District Superintendent and pastor of the Windsor Assembly, contacted Pastors Eric & Marjorie Goudie who were pastoring in Seal Cove. He asked them about conducting cottage meetings in Baie Verte and giving some spiritual and pastoral oversight to these people who had declared themselves “Pentecostal”. Pastor Goudie noted that they were a faithful group that was determined to have a pastor and a church. They started tithing and began saving it in a fund so that eventually a church could be built. Pastor Goudie preached to them the full-gospel – Jesus Christ as Savior, Healer, Baptizer, and Coming KingIt became evident in the spring of 1960 that Baie Verte needed a full-time pastor. The Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland appointed Pastor Barry Q. Grimes as the first resident pastor. He arrived in the summer of 1960. He had been recently married to Ruth Bursey, daughter of Pastor A. Stanley & Rebecca Bursey. Shortly after his arrival he conducted a water baptismal service and plans began to erect a church building. Services were again conducted in the old theater, but be- cause of expenses and the growth of the congregation, cottage meetings were conducted in the houses of the members. Pastor Grimes recalls that the cost of rental was $11.00 and they were unable to pay that amount each week.

Since those early days the blessings of the Lord has ministered to the community and assembly.   Pastor Greg Patey current Lead Pastor says  “For our current season of ministry in Baie Verte, God gave me the verse from Habakk042A0074_edited-1uk 3:2 that says, “O Lord, revive your work in the midst of the years” with the theme “Awaken Us.” We believe this has to be more than a spiritual awakening but also physical and emotional. We believe that in order for the church to see growth and to see people come to know Christ as Savior, it needs to be thriving spiritually and growing towards maturity. It must be a place where people can find what they are looking for!”



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